Jean Paul Maalouf

Hey'all ! I'm a PhD in ecology and now a freelance data scientist. Glad to join the party!

Climate Change / ML meetup in French

To all French speakers out there, I will be talking about how ML helps tackling Climate Change and how reduce the carbon impact of ML.
My talk will be part of the Bordeaux ML meetup. It will be held in French at Le Wagon Bordeaux Wednesday November 17, 2021, 7:00 PM CET.
The event can also be streamed online.
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The contents were widely inspired by resources found on Thank you!

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Hey there!

Hi all from Bordeaux, France!

Happy to join the club :). So many brilliant profiles, and exciting projects.

I would like to set up education projects about what's happening on the interface between AI and climate change. And this community will be my main source of inspiration.

I have defended a PhD on the effects of climate change on biodiversity back in 2012 and have been working in data science since then.

I like poetry, plants, meeting new people and learning about them.

The post's cover picture was taken in Sannine, from the heights of my home country Lebanon. 

Let's chat together, hang out, have drinks, and most importantly, do something about climate change!
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