Jean Paul Maalouf

Hey'all ! I'm a PhD in ecology and now a freelance data scientist. Glad to join the party!
HiΒ ο»Ώ Yoann Buratti ο»Ώ the conference has been uploaded on YouTube :)
Merci Yoann,
Yes it will be published on YouTube. I will share the link here once it's available. Meanwhile, here are the slides.
Hey  Konstantin Klemmer  and  Geneviève Patterson  thanks for the resource, I wasn't aware of it. Will check it out and see if and how I could contribute!
I am negociating with the Bordeaux ML meetup in November to talk about Climate Change and how AI can be used to tackle the issue within a COP26 context. By the way, big thanks toΒ ο»Ώ Kenny Helsens ο»Ώ for suggesting the idea in an earlier post. I think I will gather the ideas of a few recent applied academic papers within a powerpoint presentation. Would these slides be useful to your course?
(PS: The "course materials are available" link seems to be broken πŸ˜•).
Hi Kenny, good initiative. I will try to organize a meetup here in Bordeaux during COP26 or right after.