Deval Pandya

Building Responsible AI Systems
Applying AI for accelerating energy transition and mitigating climate change | Applied AI at Vector Institute | Tech leadership at Moja Global

TMLS - β€œExploring the Role of ML in solving the climate crisis: opportunities, challenges and successes"

Hi, I'm helping organize a panel on ML & Climate Change and was wondering if you know someone who might be interested in participating. The event brings in 1,000 practitioners & academics (virtually) on November 15th-18th. Some details, below;Β 

Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS) 2021

Conference times; November 15th-18th between 10 AM - 4 PM
Panel time: November 17th 3-5 PM EST
Audience: 40.4% Data Practitioners, 30.8% Academics, 26.6% Business Leaders
  • 60+ Speakers

1,000+ participants
Talk length ~15 -45 mins depending on how long your presentation would be.
Workshop lengths range.Β 

Tentative time and date is :
  • November 17th / ~45 Mins/ Between; 4-5:30 pm
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Hello All, Deval here, I am currently working as Director of AI Engineering at Vector Institute. Focus of my work has been at the intersection of Applied AI, Energy Transition and Climate change mitigation. Talk to me about Nature based solution, energy equity and coffee!Β 
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