Leon Overweel

ML Engineer @ Dexter Energy
Hi! I'm a machine learning engineer at Dexter Energy, where I work on our renewable electricity production (and consumption) forecasting models. I also write about climate AI in my newsletter, Dynamically Typed.

Good reads on electricity demand forecasting?

Hey everyone, I’m doing some background research into interesting / novel / works-well-in-practice ML approaches for electricity demand forecasting. I’ve already found a few cool recent papers [1, 2, 3, 4] by browsing the CCAI papers hub and their references. Would love any pointers to interesting work you’ve come across previously, or to chat (message or call) sometime with anyone who's got experience with this!

(Context: I'm an ML engineer at Dexter Energy, and my team will be working on making our demand forecasting products (even!) better over the coming months. Trying to cast a wide net to see if there's any approaches I/we haven't tried yet out there!)
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