Leon Overweel

ML Engineer @ Dexter Energy
Hi! I'm a machine learning engineer at Dexter Energy, where I work on our renewable electricity production (and consumption) forecasting models. I also write about climate AI in my newsletter, Dynamically Typed.
I wrote a bit about how training AI models can be used as a form of demand-side response, which could actually help *reduce* emissions because it helps balance the grid; would be interested in your thoughts:Β https://dynamicallytyped.com/stories/2021/gargantuan-ai-model-climate-opportunity/

Also Google had a nice paper about reducing emissions from AI model training:Β https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.10350. Just changing datacenter locations already makes a huge difference!
Hi Laurens! This sounds a lot like the stuff we work on at Dexter EnergyΒ in Amsterdam -- my team for example uses machine learning to forecast the day-ahead and real-time output of solar and wind power generation (plus electricity consumption by consumers/industry), to help balance the power grid. We also have teams working on electricity price forecasting and things like battery charging optimization. Might be cool to collaborate sometime!