Eric Thompson

Wind energy and AI
We are a startup with an AI + low-low-cost sensors to improve wind farm operation creating real-time wind previews. We are building a team (join us!?) and heading into a second demo project. More at
Hi, We are working to validate a method of applying AI for generating up to 60 second real-time preview warnings of wind speed, direction and gusts for wind farms. We have test data and are working on the AI side.

I've only been a CCAI member for a couple of weeks, but have had so many positive connections, that I thought I'd post to this Energy Systems space as well. 

We could use another AI expert or two in this short phase of the analysis. Happy to discuss long term partners too. The AI should not be that "fancy" but we just need some hands to apply it.

We don't have funding, but are working hard on that too. We are part of an accelerator and have many investor conversations waiting on the data analysis. 

Feel free to reach out here or view more at