Marcus Voss

Ph.D. student at TU Berlin. Research interest in AI for the energy system with a focus on smart meter data analysis. At CCAI responsible for the CCAI Wiki (

List of datasets and review paper on load forecasting in the distribution grid

We recently published our review paper on load forecasting in the (low voltage) distribution grid in Applied Energy (freely available via share link here until November 24, 2021, otherwise here as a preprint).

We provide an overview of load forecasting applications, typical methods used (time series/statistical methods and machine learning), datasets with load data, and trends we found. We conclude the paper with identified problems that we see after the literature review and provide recommendations for action.

In the paper, there is a list of datasets on consumption data at the household level, but also on transformers/substations. We host this list online here with the hope to add more data sets in the future.

So feel free to comment if there is still a dataset missing that you know, or for any feedback and discussion!
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