Kerry S

Public Relations Director specialising in data, AI and business/organisation innovation
Chartered PR, lead on artificial intelligence in public relations. Member of the International Data Science Foundation, Supporter of Surfers Against Sewage and the Great Ocean Race raising awareness of climate change through #RaceForClimateChange

Hi, look forward to sharing, learning and pushing forwards for societal impacts

Hi, I'm a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner advising governments, global businesses and organisations, as well as start-ups on innovation in their operations, including utilising data and AI (where appropriate) for the benefits of their strategic outcomes but also supporting them on their commitments to Net Zero.
In addition, I support on communicating effectively data, automaton and artificial intelligence and climate change, goals, outcomes and so forth as it is not a one size fits all across countries, governments, organisations and so on for climate change and sustainability. 
It is a really tricky picture, different nations are at different stages of their evolutions and developments with sustainability and support for climate change and we know in some nations it may lead to increased poverty, so a tricky balancing act which has to be led by the best, effective communication,
We already have a problem with the narrative and understanding on AI being skewed to a point the general public's understanding is skewed, creating a bigger challenge for communication, engagement and participation before we even get to its role in supporting climate action and so on. 
Looking forward to the conversations, discussions and ideas and learning more about the many projects and initiatives already on their way out there, and hopefully some good collaborations. 
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