Aran Mol

Data Scientist in Climate Adaptation
I am a data scientist working at the Global Center on Adaptation. I am interested in investigating novel ways to use machine learning techniques to accelerate climate change adaptation efforts

Climate adaptation

Hello all,
My name is Aran and I'm very excited to have found this community of interesting people and ideas. I work as a data scientist for the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA, ). We are a young organization working on adaptation solutions around the world. 
I've started with reading the paper and found it quite inspirational. We currently do not make use of AI at all, I would say, but we do have the ambition. I recently joined and am currently the only data scientist in the organization and most of my time so far has been spent on our online data platform. I would be really interested in brainstorming with some of you on the (im)possibilities to utilize AI / ML in the context of climate adaptation, especially with respect to NLP, on which my knowledge is close to non-existent 🙂
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