Samuel Kopp

A.I Specialist
Hey everyone! I am an A.I specialist and the founder of an A.I consultancy I have a passion for creating intelligent systems and writing software. Atm, I live as a perpetual traveller and I feel at home everywhere on this planet!

Species Monitoring

Hello everyone!

I am looking for someone who has knowledge on the current state of species monitoring and how technology is used for it.

Just having a simple chat to ask some questions would be great :)
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Customized Climate Data & A.I Solutions

Is there any sort of problem that a team of data scientists, software engineers and A.I specialists can solve for small or mid-sized companies that helps them that reduces GHG emissions? 

I am the head of a small A.I service & solutions company and I would like to develop a product or customized solutions targeted to those clients. 
If anybody has an idea and would like to collaborate, you are also very welcome. 
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