Hackathon at ETH on Climate Innovation

Β Hi everyone,Β 
I'm organizing this year's PolyHACK hackathon and we're looking for sponsoring companies that will set-up challenges for the students to work on, and also put up some funding. Last year we had ASUS, SBB and ELCA on a "Smart City" topic as our main sponsors and this year our topic is Climate Innovation, so we're trying to reach out to all the companies which might be interested. If you have any leads, please don't hesitate to contact. I leave the info below.
We are Telejob (www.telejob.ch) and NEO Network (www.neonetwork.ch), two organizations of volunteering students from the biggest universities in Switzerland, trying to address the challenges of tomorrow in collaboration with students and businesses.

One of our projects is PolyHACK, a hackathon hosted at ETH Zurich. During PolyHACK, teams of students get 24 hours to program a solution to a particular challenge, and pitch it in front of the audience and a jury formed by industry professionals. As a student competition from one of the top universities worldwide, PolyHACK is a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to connect and exchange innovative ideas and professional knowledge with university elites: great assets for a company's success and development.Β 

We have been hosting PolyHACK since 2017 and are planning its fifth edition: PolyHACK 2021, which will take placeΒ  bothΒ  virtually and physicallyΒ  on the 30th and 31st October, in collaboration with NEO network. The theme of this year is "Climate Innovation '', a topic which connects to risk management, low carbon economy and clean-tech, among others. If your organization is trying hard to find solutions against climate change, it would be our great honor to have you as our partner for PolyHACK 2021, and we cordially invite you for a collaboration.

Over the last years, we’ve all been witnesses of the escalating effects of climate change, including the numerous extreme weather events like the deadly floods that just hit Europe this summer. This is our wake-up call. Companies and institutions are joining efforts across the globe to find innovative solutions that will help us prepare for the coming climate crisis, and we must contribute.Β  Β  Β Β 

As our partnering company, you will have the opportunity to support us as a gold, silver or normal sponsor. You may find the details in the brochure attached. However, we are also open to any suggestions you might have for collaboration.Β 

We hope we have sparked your interest in PolyHACK 2021 and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Miguel Castellano.

on behalf of PolyHACK 2021 organizing committeeΒ 

Β You can have a look at last year's PolyHACK after-movie here. ο»Ώ
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