Jesse Dunietz

NLP researcher and science communicator
As an NLP person myself, I'm very curious to hear others' thoughts on the NLP part of this question. I guess there's mining scientific literature, which has made a bit of a splash in materials science, but beyond that the main way I've found to contribute is just by volunteering for CCAI. 🙂

There were a few mentions of NLP in the paper, I guess, though not many, and it's not clear to me how much the NLP portion matters in those cases.
Wow, looks like fantastic work! I see you're already collaborating with the folks at RMI, too, which is awesome.

I don't really work in this space, but have you gotten in touch with the DOE's Building Technologies Office? I'm not sure, but I think they've done some applied machine learning work and sometimes work with similar datasets. Harry Bergmann and Amir Roth in particular might have some suggestions.