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[Postdoc] Stanford Energy & Climate AI Hub

Open postdoc position at Stanford at the intersection of energy systems modeling and ML/statistics/control:

About the project: Macro-Energy System Modelling with Equity, Realism, and Insight in Zero Emissions (MESMERIZE)
"Our team is building a platform – MESMERIZE – centered on how policies and people shape the needed transition to sustainable energy systems and its distributional/equity consequences. The hub will integrate a modelling effort, data sets, advanced computational algorithms and other tools developed at Stanford to solve energy and climate challenges to deep decarbonization."
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[Job] Tenure Track Professorship (W1) for AI in Climate and Environmental Sciences

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is advertising a tenure track professorship for AI in Climate and Environmental Sciences, with applications due September 15. More info here:
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[Education] Energy Boot Camp by E4 Carolinas

Please see below for information about an energy boot camp to be held by E4 Carolinas from Aug 31-Sept 1.Β  don't know this boot camp personally, but thought I'd pass the posting along, as itΒ may be a good "crash course" for individuals looking to get a better understanding of the electric power sector and energy industry (particularly in the US).


Please join our virtual training β€œEnergy Boot Camp” happening next week, August 31st and September 1st.Β  The Energy Boot Camp is an intensive, condensation of the energy industry education component of E4 Carolinas’ yearlong leadership development programs. It is designed for those needing a quick and thorough understanding of how the National and Carolina energy economies work and their issues. You’ll follow along in your own digital course book containing every chart, figure and diagram the instructor presents, including a glossary of the common industry terms, acronyms and terminology. You'll keep and use this digital reference for the rest of your career.
The Energy Bootcamp is right for you, if you:
  • Have recently joined an energy company or organization;
  • Work in energy communications, business development or marketing and need a current, comprehensive view of the industry;
  • Have energy finance, legal, or IT responsibilities and need context for the processes you manage;
  • Promote energy policy, staff an energy association, are an energy university member; or
  • Provide energy products or services, need to understand industry issues and speak its language.
This virtual conference will be produced via Zoom Online – Tuesday and Wednesday (Aug 31st – Sep 1st) 10 am – 2:30 pm each day.
Special Pricing: E4 Carolinas Members @ $199/person and Non-Members @ $249/person
You may view the complete detail invitation and REGISTER HERE [] to attend. The invitation is extended to anyone within your own organization or connections that would be interested in the session. You may pass this notice along to them. We look forward to β€œseeing” everyone who attends. I hope you are staying safe and healthy!
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What is your process for finding research projects?

I'd be curious to hear from folks: What is your process for finding and starting impactful research projects in the climate change + machine learning space?

E.g., Do you find potential "problem owners" and send them an email to brainstorm? Do you start with the literature, and if so, what's your process for discovering relevant stuff? Etc.

n/b: There was also a panel on this topic at our recent ICML workshop, titled "Designing Projects and Finding Collaborators in Climate Change and ML"Β -- but there's often such a diversity of ways people go about this that I wanted to hear from others as well!
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Hey everyone! My name is Priya Donti, and I'm a PhD student in Computer Science & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon, co-advised by Zico Kolter and InΓͺs Azevedo. I'm also one of the co-founders and chairs of Climate Change AI, as well as the power and energy community lead. You can find out more about me on my website.

My work focuses on machine learning for forecasting, optimization, and control of high-renewables power grids. Specifically, I think a lot about how we can ensure that machine learning methods enforce necessary physics and hard constraints in these contexts. So far, I've primarily explored this via the design and use of implicit layers, which are neural network layers representing implicit functions such as optimization problems or physical equations.

In addition to research, I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can better foster the deployment and scaling of useful climate-relevant work, rather than having this work sit idly in e.g. academic papers. I'm always eager to jam with people on ideas for how we can better strengthen research-to-deployment pipelines!

Looking forward to participating in some exciting discussions on this platform πŸ™‚
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