Dewansh Kaloni

Geospatial Data Scientist
Hello everyone! I'm a Data Science enthusiast currently working with Geospatial Data for the minimization of Methane emissions from Oil-Wells and Gas Pipelines. Always open to working on challenging projects from different domains.
Hi ο»Ώ Jesse Dunietz ο»Ώ ,
That great/noble work.

I think the below two papers will be of great use.

Feel free to ping me, I have a few interesting ideas if you are looking forward to continuing the work on GANs and use with Satellite Data to show how the Kiribati situation will look like.
ο»Ώ Michelle ο»ΏΒ Hi! Sure, PMed you
ο»Ώ Evan Sherwin ο»ΏΒ Hi, Thank You.

Have mailed you for the invite, kindly check.
 Geneviève Patterson  Hy, Sentinel-1,2,3,4,5,5P(ESA' Copernicus Mission), all are best for any analytics as they are open source, but since the resolution is not the best.(in Kms)

In Paid Options:-
MAXAR for satellite Imagery and GHGsat for Green House Gas Emissions detection with spatial resolution of 25 m.

Sentinel -
GHGsat -
ο»Ώ Priya Donti ο»Ώ Thank You for the comment, Will connect with him.
ο»Ώ Shreetama Karmakar ο»ΏΒ Hi, Thank You. Sure, we can discuss this over messages.