Anthony Hevia

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Modeling solar geoengineering methods

Does anyone know any labs who do work at the intersection solar geoengineering & climate models. As in “if we apply X solar geoengineering technique in Y area, how does it impact the local or global climate?”. Interested in how governments or labs are thinking about this. (Also bonus points if this lab is at a school with a masters or PhD program 😉)
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Learning more about AI in the climate/atmospheric modeling space

Hey all,

Not new to AI/ML, but new to climate modeling. Was wondering where I could look to learn more about the topic and how AI could be used in this space. I have a job in industry so no (current) plans to return back to school. Just a curiosity of mine!

I’m specifically interested in how AI can be used to model specific geoengineering or CDR approaches.

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