David Dao

CCAI Community Lead for AFOLU
Founder @GainForestNow, PhD Candidate @ETH @DS3Lab, 🌴-Lead @ClimateChangeAI, πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡­πŸ‡°πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ Son of Hoa refugees #StopAsianHate https://t.co/cMT05aUmiF

Awful Artificial Intelligence for Climate

What are some awful AI applications in regards to climate change?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fossil fuel industry’s key technologies.Β 
Vox published an informative video about how Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have contracts with big players in the fossil fuel industry - even going so far as investing massive amounts of money in organizations that actively campaign against climate legislation, and promoting climate change denial.

But what else?

(I'd like to add a climate section to theΒ Awful-AIΒ repository and would love to collect input in this thread)
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Awesome list for forest data

Let's be clear. Getting started in forest data science is hard because high-quality data is missing (and super biased towards the Global North).

Awesome-forests is a curated list of ground-truth/validation/in situ forest datasets for the forest-interested machine learning community. The list targets data-based biodiversity, carbon, wildfire, ecosystem service, you name it! analysis.

Please feel free to contribute - and let's use this comment section to collect and curate missing data 😍🌴

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Welcome to the Agriculture and Forests space!

Feel free to use this space to post news, interesting papers, questions, ideas for discussion, or other relevant content or questions about agriculture, forests, and other land uses! 🌴
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Hello all, πŸ‘‹

I'm David D, a Ph.D. student at ETH Zurich working at the intersection of forests, ecosystems, and artificial intelligence. My work aims to empower local communities by providing them automatic ecosystem monitoring tools and (hopefully) more efficient access to climate finance.

At CCAI, I'm the community lead for AFOLU (Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Uses), where I work on everything forest-related 🌴

Outside of academia, I'm the founder of GainForest, a decentralized fund using artificial intelligence to measure and reward sustainable nature stewardship.Β 

I'm excited to meet everyone!
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