Duncan Watson-Parris

Climate scientist
I'm an atmospheric physicist working at the interface of climate research and machine learning.
I honestly don't think there is a dilema, the only way out of the climate crisis is to immediately and rapidly reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses. When we stop emitting it stops warming - it's that simple!

To pretend that we know enough about the climate system to 'engineer' a sticking plaster while hoping that the world eventually gives up its addiction to oil is the same hubris that got us in this mess. Many of these suggestions come from engineers who would never build a bridge or a building given the uncertainties we have about the system (and that's speaking as a climate scientist), but are willing to risk potentially much worse harm for the sake of these vanity (speaking personally) projects.

There's also the human element which is often neglected: If we are able to mask warming for a bit then why rush to decarbonise? It will just get put off until we're masking so much warming we couldn't possibly risk turning the mask off, commiting future generations to maintaining whatever system we manage to cobble together. A significant fraction of the population won't wear a mask to protect society from a pandemic that has killed millions of people...

Sorry for the rant! A more articulated view can be found here:Β  https://doi.org/10.1080/00963402.2019.1654255Β 
Hi Sebastian! There was a recent short program of research looking at this last summer under FDL (https://www.fdlausnz.org/) and while the outputs were only preliminary there is a detailed description of the problem space and some of their approaches in the attached proceedings ο»Ώβ˜’ο»Ώ. (There should hopefully be some useful contacts in there too).