Parth Kanani

Undergrad, ChemE, IIT Patna(2023)
@IITPAT ChemE '23 Undergrad researcher @ai_nlp_ml_iitp Interested in applications of Machine Learning to Energy Systems.

Deepmind's precipitation nowcasting

Deepmind(along with Met Office) worked to develop a Deep Generative Model for Rain, that predicts precipitation phenomena given a past "context" from radar data. Amazing work! 
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Reading group for IPCC AR6 report?

How does the idea of a reading group for the IPCC report sound? 

I, for one, really wanted to deep dive into the ~4000 page report. Many a times when I debate people about climate change, my lack of understanding about climate science really shows. And that does hamper effective communication on the adverse impacts of climate change, climate justice etc. I am no climate researcher, so I ask experts in the community, if they'd be willing to a part of anything as such.

Thanks in advance! 
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IPCC AR6 summary

A nice Twitter thread summarizing the key findings.
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Open Catalysts Project

I recently came across the Open Catalysts Project, which is a collaboration between Facebook AI and CMU Chemical Engieering.
They have amassed an impressive dataset of surfaces and adsorbates, their identity and composition, for efficient catalyst discovery using deep learning.
There is also the Open Catalysts Challenge, and those who top the leaderboard present at NeurIPS next year.
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hey all, is there a dark mode UI for this space? If not, can we add feature? Thanks! 


Hey all!
JuliaCon 2021 will be happening this month (jul28-30) and the workshops will be held the week earlier.
The talks feature people who develop software packages in Julia for a broad range of applications, including many application areas which this community is passionate about. 
Check here:
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